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Top Training Tips From Elite Athletes

As Elite Athletes, competitiveness is in our blood. We are constantly working on improving our physical condition and becoming stronger, fitter and faster 💪 We have put together a list of our top tips to enhance fitness and stay in shape so YOU can become the best version of yourself 👇

Bryan Goffinet’s Tip: My tip is short but packs a punch: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable 🔥 Embracing discomfort, whether it is physical or mental, is vital for making progress and achieving your goals. Telling yourself that the pain (or fear) is temporary is a good way to fully embrace discomfort. Additionally, viewing discomfort as a necessary part of growth, can trick your mind into seeing discomfort as positive!

Georgia Nimmo’s Tip: Many people disregard rest days. However, they are just as important as training days, especially when preparing for a competition. Making sure you include rest days, which involves active recovery (walking, yoga, swimming, stretching), helps your body repair and fully recover. This means you can enter the next session with more energy, strength and power 🏋️‍♀️ Don’t be afraid to listen to your body and take those rest days when you are training hard.

Leesh Brown’s Tip: Staying consistent with training is key. When training for Turf Games, make sure your team has the same program to follow, especially when members are training at different gyms. This is imperative for accountability and remaining harmonious. Even if you are not competing, a program helps with staying on track as it provides a structure to your routine. Creating a program with a group of friends that you can all follow is a trick you can use to stay accountable and keep motivated 🏆

Georgina Andrew’s Tip: Get enough sleep! Believe it or not, almost half (48%) of Australians are sleep deprived 😴 When it comes to training and achieving our goals, what we do OUTSIDE the gym, is just as important as what we do INSIDE. This includes sleep, and without it, we are effectively undermining our bodies which prevents us from achieving our goals. Like rest days, sleep gives our bodies time to regain energy levels, recover, and repair. When we get enough good quality sleep, our bodies produces a growth hormone which helps us build lean muscle mass by repairing muscles which were torn during training 💪  It also helps with mood, and a good mood means a good training session! As Elite Athletes, we aim for 8 hours a night, consistently.

Tom Eastham’s Tip: Nutrition and fuelling your body properly is key to optimising performance and getting the results you desire. Having a meal plan with a balance between all food groups provides a structure and direction to help you stay on track. For performance purposes, carbs (yes, carbs!), and protein are your best friends 🥔🥩 To find out more on nutrition, and what an Elite Athlete eats in a day, read here.

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