Our Story – Grenade Australia


Founded in 2010 by Alan and Juliet Barratt, Grenade®’s mission was simple: to create an iconic weight-loss product and become THE brand within Sports Nutrition.

Grenade®’s first product was so effective, a friend described it as explosive, “like a grenade”.

This product became Thermo Detonator® and the brand name, Grenade®, was born.

Today, Grenade® is available in over 80 countries, with a multi award-winning product range, including our best-selling Carb Killa® protein bars and cutting-edge sports nutrition, we have you covered.



Grenade® Explodes into life!

After years of development, Grenade® is born!

The launch of their first product, the award-winning and iconic weight management product, Thermo Detonator®, puts Grenade® on the map



Bringing the Noise to Bodypower

Then iconic Grenade® Tank makes it's debut at the 2011 Bodypower Expo in Birmingham, UK.



Grenade® Reinforcements Arrive

Following the huge global success of Thermo Detonator®, the Grenade® product lineup expands, with a variety of innovative sports nutrition products such as .50 Calibre® Pre-Workout and Hydra 6® Protein Powder.



Grenade® Raises the Bar

2015 saw the protein bar game change forever, with the launch of the high protein, low sugar indulgent Carb Killa® Bar, now the UK's best selling!



Shaking Things Up!

Following the huge success of the Carb Killa® Bar, the high protein, low sugar range expanded with the innovative and indulgent Carb Killa® Shake.



The Snacking Revolution Begins...

The war against unhealthy snacks begins in true Grenade® Style - the first UK Tank Tour took Grenade®'s healthier snacking message to the streets.



Grenade Arrives Down Under

Grenade Carb Killa® range and select sports nutrition products arrive in Australia for the first time.

After years if innovative development, Grenade® launches it's functional energy drink, Grenade Energy® - powered by natural caffeine with added BCAAs, electrolytes and nootropics, all with no sugar or calories!



Grenade Takes Flight

The Grenade® Tank makes a statement, the Grenade® Balloon takes it to the next level... literally! Keep your eyes on the skies...

Grenade Carb Killa® Bars & Biscuits arrive at Woolworths stores Australia wide.