A Day in the Life of an Elite Athlete: Kate Hilliard

A Day in the Life of an Elite Athlete: Kate Hilliard

Want to know what an elite athlete’s typical day looks like? 👀 Grenade Team Member, Kate Hilliard, takes us through her Turf Games training regime and what is involved in staying fit, strong and healthy 🔥💪

5am: Wake up time. First thing I do is pop the kettle on and make the world’s strongest coffee 😏

5:30: Breakfast. I am a creature of habit so my breakfast is mostly the same every day. I go for Weet-Bix, a typical Aussie breakfast, and for those who are wondering, I like them a little soggy but add a bit of honey to maintain some crunch 👌

6am-8:30am: Off to work. I manage the 98 Gym in Darlinghurst, Sydney, and coach there too.

9am: Training session #1 which I do with my Turf Games team. Training with friends makes a huge difference in that it's more enjoyable and super motivating.   As a group we hold each other accountable which allows us to get more out of the session 🙌 Here, we focus on basic strength training like core, push and pull exercises, and running. It usually lasts an hour to ninety minutes. We like to begin with body weight to focus on form first. This sets us up with a solid and safe foundation to do more complicated exercises.

10:30am: Post workout snack. I grab a Grenade Protein Shake as it’s ready to drink, delicious and lactose free! 😍

11:30: Lunch is early and recently I have been having a wrap filled with heaps of veggies! I keep it fresh and light so I don’t feel full for my next training session.

12pm: Work 😬

2pm: Training session #2 which also goes for about an hour to ninety minutes. This session focuses on more complicated exercises like gymnastics, handstand work and Olympic lifting. I am just getting into CrossFit and becoming more focused on the gymnastic side of things 😅 Trying new things like this keeps my sessions exciting and gives me something new to improve on. I get a lot of satisfaction from extending myself to my fullest potential. It keeps me motivated!!

3:30pm: Snack time. My go-to is a Peanut Nutter Grenade Protein Bar. It tastes just like a chocolate bar so curbs my sweet tooth without all the sugar! It's also packed with protein which is great after a workout! Occasionally I’ll have an apple or some yoghurt.

4pm: Back to work.

5:30pm: After work, I'll usually go for a walk at the beach.  Being outdoors is very calming. There’s nothing like fresh air for a mental re-set. If I have the time, sometimes I'll go to the sauna. I love how it detaches me from my phone and enables me to really switch off 😌

6:30pm: Dinner. To be honest, I am not the best cook and when I am hungry, I’m impatient. Lately, a favourite of mine is a big veggie stir-fry with taco mix which is quick, healthy and very satisfying! 

9pm: Bed time. Most nights I try to go to bed at about 9pm so as to be asleep by 10pm. I prefer reading to watching TV which can be addictive and keep one up much later.  I aim to have at least seven hours sleep a night which is paramount to a healthy lifestyle! 

My days are all pretty much the same but one thing I can say is having a routine like this really helps me stay on track and get the most out of my day! 🙌

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