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5 foods that can help reduce stress

There’s no denying it: life can be tough. And the current situation isn’t making things any easier. So, what if we told you that the foods you eat could help reduce worries and anxiety? Nope, we don’t mean reaching for your third Carb Killa® of the day (although, this does help!). We’re talking about foods that contain ingredients set to improve mood and reduce stress! Here are 5 to add to your shopping list!


Packed with probiotics, yoghurts are well known for keeping your gut happy and digestive health tip top. But, the probiotics found in some yogurts can also improve your mental health. Research shows that probiotic foods, such as yoghurt, can benefit may promote mental health and brain function by inhibiting neurotoxins and free radicals, which can damage nerve tissue and cause anxiety[1] . Go for plain yoghurts or those without minimal ingredients to ensure you can make the most of those probiotics without consuming unnecessary additives and sugars.


One for all you spice lovers! Turmeric is most famously used in Indian and Asian cuisines, famed for its delicious flavour and adding colour to foods such as curries, sauces and butters. But, what you may not know is turmeric’s various health benefits; from anti-inflammatory features, aiding anxiety and stress, to brain boosting benefits, helping to improve brain function and decrease certain diseases, turmeric certainly offers much more than just flavour! These benefits are due to the compound Curcumin, which is found in turmeric. Extensive studies have proven Curcumin’s role in promoting brain health and relieving symptoms of anxiety[2] .

Not sure how to work this spice into your diet? Easy! Add into curries and soups, use to season foods such as homemade chips, chicken and fish, even add into juices and smoothies if you’re feeling brave!

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We’ve all done it: reached for a bar of the good stuff after a bad day. But, what is it about chocolate that makes us feel that bit better?! The reason may be little known antioxidants called flavanols, which is found in dark chocolate. Flavanols have been known to benefit brain function – they do this by improving blood flow to the brain and promoting its ability to deal with stressful situations[3]. So, next time you’re raiding the cupboard for that last bar of choccie, rest assured, your actions are completely justified!


You’ll likely know this herb best from chamomile teas, but it’s also featured in a number of different drinks, from chamomile lemonade to cocktails! Famed for its antioxidant content, this herb has long been credited for its health benefits but it’s the anti-inflammatory effects that make it perfect for reducing anxiety and stress.


Smoked, baked or even tinned. There are so many ways you can enjoy this delicious fish and, as well as tasting pretty damn good, it offers a variety of benefits too! Salmon features a range of key B vitamins, as well as vitamin A, but how can it help tame those anxious feelings, you ask? Well, this popular fish contains a variety of nutrients connected to promoting brain health and function, including vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These both may help regulate the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, which can have relaxing properties[4].

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If you’re stressed, you’re probably lacking energy too, so why not take a look at our favourite energy boosting snacks and offers to give you the pick you up you need!