If you’ve tried one of our epic Carb Killa® protein bars, you’re likely thinking ‘Why wouldn’t I choose Carb Killa®?’ (modest of us, we know), but with so many great qualities, from low sugar content to an ever-expanding flavour range, we thought we’d break down why these tasty treats are worth working into your diet.


So, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that protein’s a pretty big deal. Infact, the current UK protein bar market is worth a whopping £77 million*, with Grenade® Carb Killa® leading the way as the number one protein bar brand†. And, don’t be mistaken: protein’s not just for bodybuilders and gym bunnies, y’know?! Everyone needs protein in their diet in order to function properly.

Carb Killa® bars are packed with up to 24g of protein per bar, making them an ideal snack for those trying to up their protein intake. Packing in the protein can keep you feeling fuller for longer, so, if you’re dieting or aiming to avoid the office biscuit tin (aren’t we all!), then Carb Killa® bars can help ease the urge to snack excessively.


We all love a sweet treat now and again. Whether it’s fizzy drinks, pick n mix or a good old slab of cake, it can be hard to say no, especially when your sweet tooth kicks in. But, with 41% of UK shoppers seeking snacks with less sugar‡ and ‘reducing sugar consumption’ being the number one priority for consumers looking for healthy options§ , it’s no secret that low sugar snacks are on many of our shopping lists.

If you’re amongst the many craving low-sugar treats that still satisfy your sweet tooth, then Carb Killa® bars could be the answer to your problem. Each bar features less than 2g of sugar – that’s just half a teaspoon of the sweet stuff! To put this into perspective, traditional chocolate bars contain an average of 7 teaspoons of sugar, making Carb Killa® a clear winner when it comes to low-sugar snacks.


Now, just cos our bars are low in sugar doesn’t mean they compromise on taste – oh no. With 6 innovative flavours to choose from, including Peanut Nutter,  Caramel Chaos, White Chocolate Cookie, Cookies & Cream, Fudge Brownie & Apple Rumble, you’re guaranteed to find a flavour you love.

Although consumers want lower sugar, healthier options, they’re not willing to compromise on taste‖‖, and neither are we! All of our Carb Killa® bars are coated in high-quality Belgian chocolate, making them super indulgent. They’re also all packed with three delicious layers, from caramel to nougat. Unlike many protein bars, Carb Killa®s are made using a specially selected baking process, so you can guarantee bags of flavour every time.


In need of a post-gym pick-me-up? Or a snack that’ll settle those midday hunger pangs? Or, maybe you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your usual post-dinner sweet treat? Enter Carb Killa® bars!

Guess what? Protein bars are so much more than fuel for after your sweaty gym sesh. Carb Killa® bars are a healthier snack that can be eaten at any time. Pop one in your bag so you’re prepared for sudden stomach rumbles, throw one in your lunchbox for work and keep a stash in your cupboards for when you need the perfect snack to accompany that Netflix binge.

If you like our Carb Killa® bars, then you’ll love our Carb Killa® shakes and spreads! Want to know more? You can shop the full range over on our website or head over to our blog to find out more about our healthier snacking range.


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