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We get loads of questions asking when the best time is to consume protein.

Before a workout or after a workout?

So, we're here to answer your question as simply as possible. 

The Fit All Solution 

The truth is that it partly depends on your goals. However, the fit-all solution is to spread your protein intake throughout the day. 

You can achieve this by having protein (in any form) at each meal and in between.  This means you'll be eating protein before AND after exercise without any extra effort. Some studies have shown that there is actually no difference between having your protein before or after a workout!

If you struggle to achieve a consistent protein intake throughout the day, make sure you consume protein at least 2 hours after your workout to maximise muscle recovery. 

The Main Takeaway

It is your daily protein intake that matters the most. 

Short on time and unable to prepare protein meals or snacks? Our low sugar, European chocolate-covered Protein Bars and creamy Protein Shakes are the ideal on-the-go solution. Perfect as snacks between meals, straight after a workout or as a healthier dessert option!

Or dollop our delicious chocolate Protein Spreads on oats and fruit or spread on toast for an added hit of protein!