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Buy any 3 boxes of bars and get 1 case of shakes FREE!

Say hello to the iconic Carb Killa® bar. This triple-layered, chocolate-coated protein bar is high in protein and low in sugar, offering ultimate guilt-free indulgence. Perfect for a post-workout pick me up, a mid-day treat or an on the go snack, Carb Killa® protein bars can be enjoyed at any time of the day! With a host of delicious flavours available, it’ll be a tough choice choosing your favourite!   Full of flavour and packed with protein, the Carb Killa® shake is the perfect way to up your protein intake without the unwanted calories and carbs! Deliciously smooth and creamy, this protein shake delivers ultimate guilt-free indulgence. It’s also low in both sugar and carbs and is less than 211 calories per 330ml bottle, making it an ideal choice for healthier snackers.

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